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Home InsuranceYour home is a very important investment, and our job is to help you protect it. With home insurance you can protect your home and your possessions inside of it. You’ve worked hard for what you have and it’s very crucial to have the proper protection to safeguard it. There are several options of what home insurance can cover on your property. BIG Insurance Group can help you make sure that everything will be taken care of and insured properly. Contact BIG Insurance Group today to see how to protect one of your biggest investments.

Common Home Insurance Questions:


How is the coverage amount calculated for my home?
Coverage is calculated based on the features of your home and how much it would cost to rebuild.

Why is my home not covered for the amount I bought it for?
Insurance does not cover the land. What you purchase the home for is considered market value; not replacement value.


How do I file a claim?
You can either call us or the insurance company directly to file a claim. The claims department will walk you through the process. Any deductible will apply, and payment will be made according to the limits in your policy. 

Is my car covered by my homeowner’s insurance if it’s parked in the garage?
No. Your car is never covered by homeowners’ insurance.

How do I know how much coverage I need for my belongings?
Policies have internal limits for specific categories, but you want to make sure that should you have a total loss, your personal property coverage would be enough to replace everything in your home. For high value articles such as jewelry, electronics, and guns, there are special riders or policies to make sure they are covered.

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