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Insurance Services in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Baker Insurance Group is proud to offer a variety of insurance policies. We specialize in Farm & Ranch Insurance but also offer great Home and Auto Insurance policies. Some of our clients love our service so much they have come back to us year after year to ensure their peace of mind being covered with Baker insurance Group.
Ranch — Insurance Agent in Colorado Springs, CO
Farm & Ranch Insurance -
We understand how important it is to insure your farm and ranch investment. That's why we take the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to figuring out the best coverage tailored for your farm and ranch. Put your trust in us and rest easy that no matter what life throws at you, Baker Insurance Group has your back.
Auto Insurance — Insurance Agent in Colorado Springs, CO
Home & Auto Insurance -
Our everyday life is wrapped up in our home and vehicles. No one ever thinks about their insurance policy until the sudden circumstance arises in a car accident or a hail & wind storm. Rest easy knowing that you are covered so if/when you need coverage you have chosen the best with Baker Insurance Group. Ask us about discounted costs when combining home and auto policies together.
Buildings — Insurance Agent in Colorado Springs, CO
Business & Commercial Insurance -
Baker Insurance Group offers excellent insurance policies for business and commercial property. You never know when you will need coverage for your business or commercial property, so let us do the hard work in finding you the coverage you really need. Call us to find out more.
Father with Kids — Insurance Agent in Colorado Springs, CO
Life Insurance -
We hope that tragedy never strikes, but take care of the one's you love by setting up a life insurance policy today. Help protect and provide for your family even if you can't physically be around anymore. No one really wants to think about life insurance, but it really is extremely important to make sure you are covered in the instance that your family would need it. Call us today with any questions about Life Insurance.